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Ankh-Morpork; The Streets of

Autor des Textes: Padgen, Neil and Adrian Ogden
Melodie: The Streets of London
Komponist der Melodie: Ralph McTell

Have you seen the old man in the Street of Cunning Artificers
Selling hot pig pies (or cow or horse or goat)
Tangy mustard might disguise the gristle lurking in his pies
"Just a dollar fifty and I'm cutting me own throat"

So how can you tell me that you're lonely
And say for you that the sun don't shine
Let me walk you 'cross the Ankh and lead you through the streets of Morpork
I'll show you something that'll make you change your mind

Have you seen the old girl in her Quirm Street apartment
Stitching up the clothing that's piled upon her floor
"Bugger off!" you'll hear her say, broom in hand to drive away
The dwarves outside her window and the monks outside her door


In Harga's House of Ribs at a quarter to eleven
Black robe and scythe in the corner all alone
For starter, main course and dessert, look at the front of
Harga's shirt One thing about this new cook, he works his fingers to the bone


Have you seen the wizard inside the Mended Drum
Half his hat is missing, "WIZD" is all that's there
Permanently paranoid, he shares drinks with an anthropoid
One more forgotten wizard in a world that doesn't care

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