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Morpork; Streets of

Autor des Textes: Martin GK
Melodie: Streets of London
Komponist der Melodie: Ralph McTell

Have you seen the night watch skulking through the market
Avoiding any clashes since they know that they will lose
Muffled ringing of the bell
It’s two o’clock and fairly well
Sonny, keep it silent or we’re yesterday’s news

So how can you say it’s illegal
If inside these walls there’s no law to find
So let me take you by the throat
And drag you through the streets of Morpork
And I’ll show you something that’ll really change your mind

Have you seen the assassin, as he climbs the walls of Morpork
Dressed in many colours, but they all look black to me
Although inhuming pays quite well
Recession can strike there as well
For every two they stab gets you one poisoned free

In the university at a quarter past lunchtime
You only know they’re wizards by the pointy hats they wear
Dungeon dimensions
Grab all their attention
It it wasn’t for the students they’d forget the city’s there

Can you hear the dwarfs sing while beating up their neighbours
You really want to pick them up for causing an affray?
With axes flying through the air
You really shouldn’t go in there
For your sake and ours, sonny, put that book away!

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