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Wedding Song; A

Autor des Textes: Bearington, Bertram of

Oh, some folk wed in castles grand, 'mid splendor of the court,
And some folk wed with crossbows cocked, the price of am'rous sport.
But greenwood folk they pledge their troth by jumping o'er a sword;
What matters is what's in the heart of a lady and her lord.

Robin met his merry maid while stalking Lackland's game.
He thought she was a bonnie lass, and sought to learn her name.
She said, "My name is Marian, and I've got plans for you,
For we will BOTH be marryin' before this day is through!"

Arthur wed fair Guinevere in fabled Camelot,
But Guinevere could not be true, 'cause she loved Lance, a lot.
Though Arthur was no celibate, the legends all refer
To dozens of his lady-loves who sighed, "Excalibur!"

Romeo and Juliette met masking at a ball,
Though people said their families did not get 'long at all.
Said Romeo to Juliette, "What light through yonder window breaks?"
Their story ends in tragedy, but we all make mistakes!

Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry Number Two,
They had a little falling out, as lovers often do.
For Henry was a jealous sort, yes jealous of her power,
So Eleanor to exile went, he locked her in a tower!

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