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Drow; Death to the

Melodie: The wild rover

Once we were farmers with no cares at all
But our lives were all changed when we answered the call
To defend our homeland with all of our might
To stow any drow who were out for a fight

And it's no nae never
Death to drow
No nae never no more
Will we suffer drow bastards
No never, no more

I said farewell to my lassie, she begged me to stay
But my clan was a calling and I told her "nae"
I told her of my duty, that I had to kill drew
And she picked up a sword and said she would come too


For all the first week not a drow did we slay
But we heard of a battle the very next day
So we all donned our woad and we stepped to the fore
And there's three hundred dark elves who're breathing no more


Fled from our lands was the evil in black
So we went underground to find drow to attack
They lived in a world full of darkness and dread
But they don't live at all with an axe in their head



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