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Unicorn; A Maid can tame a

Autor des Textes: Moursund, Beth

Within a sunlit forest glade,
Where it is said that unicorns hide,
A maiden waits - the king's own child -
To trap a pet for her father's pride.

(For it's been known since time was born:
A maid can tame a unicorn.)

A glimpse of white between the trees,
Flowing white mane and ivory horn;
A magic beast, untamed by Man -
Into the glade steps the unicorn.

The princess hides a quick cold smile.
All round the glade he prances and leaps
Then meekly kneels down at her side,
Lays his head in her lap and sleeps.

The princess beckons to the trees.
Quietly out creep men with great nets;
They bind the startled unicorn -
"Come now and join the king's other pets!"

(For it's been known since time was born:
A maid can catch a unicorn.)

Within a high-walled garden pen
Next to the hall in which he holds feasts
The king keeps peacocks, tigers fierce,
Pink flamingos, and other beasts.

'Tis there they take the unicorn,
Tieing bright bows in his silky hair
That when the king has noble guests
They'll be impressed by this creature rare.

(For it's been known since time was born:
A rare beast is the unicorn.)

"Farewell to you, you foolish beast,"
Now says the maid, her voice full of scorn.
"You'll stay here 'til you die, then we
Will sell your skin and your precious horn."

The unicorn, so well betrayed
By his own love, and by his own trust,
Now gazes at the high stone walls
Which round him stand, for escape he must.

The starlight gleams within his eye
Bright as the sun at height of day.
He crouches; with one fluid leap
He clears the wall and is soon away.

(For it's been known since time was born:
No man can keep a unicorn.)

Away from hated walls and men,
Back to the woods where he loved to roam;
Away from ribbons, pens, and nets,
Back to the glade he calls his home.

But as he wanders through the trees,
Though once he searched for love and found scorn,
He watches for another maid -
Such is the way of the unicorn.

(For it's been known since time was born:
A maid can tame a unicorn.)

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